Saturday, September 24, 2005

oh for the love of pete

i just read that the Vatican intends to bar celibate gay catholics from attending seminary and becoming priests after a review of the priesthood's recent battery of court cases involving child molestation.

WHAT? people, by definition, like other gay people. not children. they're Homosexuals, not Poedophiles. jesus-please-us. give me a break. The Vatican has stated that the Pope's attack on homosexuality is an effort to express his determination to maintain traditional, conservative catholic values but honestly all they're doing is being prejudiced. they've taken a vow of celibacy. who cares who the priests envision when they masturbate furiously, alone in their single bed?

the fact that anyone is willing to take a vow of celibacy is a big fat red flare indicating that they're probably not quite right in the head. celibacy is in itself unnatural, much more so than homosexuality. celibate persons are frequently deranged and twitchy, and probably spend a lot of time hallucinating that the room is full of nothing but bouncing breasts or humping the furniure. i'd say that your average homosexual is probably a lot saner than your average priest, 'cos at least they're gettin' some. as far as my insignificant opinion is concerned, when it comes to churchy folk, to refuse your body's drive to copulate is to defy nature, which is defying God. priests are the biggest heretics in the entire church.

"cracking down" on homosexuality in the church will not cut down on the number of poedophiles in the seminary--indeed, it will open seats in the seminary for creeps and poedophiles, just so long as they're not gay. i half wonder if this statement on the part of Benedict is not to give a little nod to W's irrational hatred of gays and his desire to criminalise homosexual marriage (and i'm sure eventually homosexuality in general). aligning poedophiles and homosexuals is about the least sensical and most backward bit of jargon i've heard in ages. its like saying all people who like strawberries are more inclined to wear pleather. the two are not in the slightest sense related. its only a matter of time before dim-witted mothers start screaming at men holding hands in the street that they're going to hurt their baby or school safety lectures begin with "never take candy from limp-wristed strangers."

Monday, September 19, 2005

look what i drew

i want this image in a play. somewhere, anywhere. except with real people in a real space. (i don't just want this tacked up on a wall).

Sunday, September 18, 2005

tater tots

most spuds taste better fried with olive oil and rosemary. the difference between canola and olive oils is a dash of class.

Monday, September 12, 2005

hard to believe

I just read an article about how a telescope far off in space just observed a "gamma burst"--a big wave of light and energy equivalent to the energy emitted by the sun over its entire projected 10 billion year lifespan. as cool as this is, it got me thinkin'.

i have a hard time believing it. not that gamma bursts can occur or that they're really cool when you observe them, but i just have a hard time believing that we're actually receiving anything from the billion-dollar soda cans we send out into the cosmos. Like the Voyager missions to explore Jupiter and Saturn--I can't get mobile phone reception in the bottom floor of my house, and yet NASA has the gall to tell me that they've been communicating with a telescope millions of of miles off into nowhere since the 70's? Let's be reasonable.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

One Fine Day in My Stage Management Seminar...

Prof. K Dale White: Stage Management is a pretty high-stress career. You are going to get bogged down, you are going to get frustrated. One of the aims of this class is to allow you to explore your stress tolerance to see if stage management is right for you--if its a career you really want to pursue. So... Kristen, how do you handle stress?

Me: Well, i rant and rave to my mother over the phone, i bite my nails, pick at my skin, and i used to abuse my boyfriend when he was around--but these days I've resorted to yelling at inanimate objects when nobody's looking and throwing tantrums when i have a spare moment.

Prof: Boyfriend? I thought you were a lesbian.

Me: Not this month...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

never at USC

it just occurred to me, while playing a game of solitaire and allowing my mind to wander...
when studying post-naturalistic theatre at Kent, my classmates and I vainly attempted to get out of thoroughly analyzing a modern play text by saying "oh good grief, its obvious this is merely the idle ramblings of a playwright on drugs." To which our professor coolly responded, "it is common knowledge that usage of many drugs opens the mind to new ideas and sensations and allows the user deeper and more meaningful insight and understanding."

there's no way in hell a professor at the university of south carolina could get away with that kind of comment. shame.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Build it up

I just noticed--Bernstein's "Make Our Garden Grow" shares a major quality with Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit"--each build is bigger than the last. Both songs continue to develop in intensity, volume, orchestral and percussive involvement, driving like a runaway freight train on a gradually steeper hill all the way to the end. Neat.