Sunday, November 11, 2012

So Proud

I'm very pleased that America rejected the 1952 party and appears ready to sally forth into the new millennium. It took bravery and maturity. Bravo.

I printed out an "I voted for Obama" button and pinned it to my shirt on election day to reassure my colleagues. No one doubted that I'd be the type to vote lefty, but they were a little surprised that I got to vote at all. It was surprisingly easy, if a little strange. I phoned my local polling place in Fort Mill (using Skype) in July and they emailed me an absentee registry/ballot request form. I printed that out, filled it in, signed it, stamped it, and put it in the post. Shortly after the DNC I received my official local/state/federal ballot by email. I again printed it and filled it out, but this time I just scanned it back into my computer and emailed the .pdf back to the office that sent it. Bada-bing. I voted for everything from president to national representatives to city council to school board. The coroner and the sheriff were running unopposed but I voted for them anyway. Jim DeMint wasn't up for re-election but I thought about writing in a "and tell that turd to sod off" bubble. Figured that would invalidate the rest of my ballot though, and I didn't want to waste it. (I've noticed that both the Daily Show and the Colbert Report have run the same joke about Lindsey Graham being the first lesbian senator, and while I get the joke, Graham is such a turd I find it an insult to lesbians to try and pass him off as one.) 

Naturally, everyone I voted for (except those running unopposed) lost. I think that means I was voting for the sane, decent people.  I did plenty of research and placed all of my school board and representative votes as far outside of the Fundagelical Convention as I could, so naturally First Baptist of Fort Mill spent all of this morning celebrating. The slimy real estate shark will get another term in the House and the only "democrat" on the county council is known as Bump to his constituents. Yeaaah. 

I live in England.