Sunday, August 05, 2012


So the husband and I have been glued to the Olympics since day one on the ol' interwebs here. I'm quite thrilled--as of today, both of my countries are in the top 3! I think I read that Michael Phelps has now retired, or will have after his last medley relay, so I'd imagine he and a collection of archers and rowers are currently (and will remain for the next week) completely trashed somewhere near Stratford.

We have very much enjoyed Team USA's cycling kit. Even though they're not wiping the floor with other riders, they certainly look like they should in their Captain America unitards.  Though they missed a trick letting Colombia take the most appropriate helmets. Tsk!

I think sporting would be universally improved if other events employed glitter, sequins and eye-shadow to the same extent as the women gymnasts. Canoeing, hockey and javelin events could all benefit from a little bling.