Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ooh me back

General inquiry directed toward any and all who may casually read this blog--my back is killing me. every morning i wake up kinked all to hell and it lingers all day. I've tried putting a sheet of plywood under the mattress to give it some back support, i've tried it with egg crates and memory foam and without, i've changed out pillows, i've even tried sleeping on the floor. i still hurt!
i exercise regularly and sleep just about 8 hours a night. i'm a theatre carpenter and spend my working hours lifting, hauling, and using high-torque power tools, but i've been doing this for years without adverse effects and i'm still young. So--question time: does anyone know a way to improve a shitty bed (note: the bed provided in my temporary housing is sized to comfortably fit a ten-year-old pygmy...but my bedroom is also appropriately sized for such a being) without caving and buying a new bed that i'll only use for the next three months?

in other news, i think i have found the evil "left wing liberal media" that the white house made such a stink about a few years ago. its called MAD magazine. they've completely given up on subtly criticizing the president and are even today warping our nation's youth with blatant statements of dissent concerning our nation's foreign and domestic policy. And to think, i was about to let my 12-year subscription lapse.

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Ben said...

your room is small? pfft, mine's smaller and full of stuff. and, as I feel I am in a position to judge, my bed is much more uncomfortable.

Not that that makes the back problems any less sucky, I'd suggest you go to an osteopath (can't remember what you crazy americans call them) or, if you can't afford that, find a really big guy in a bar and insult him until he kicks seven shades of shit out of you, as that is pretty much the same thing.