Tuesday, November 18, 2008


wordle makes my life out to sound pretty damn cool.
thanks Kim.

yesterday marked the end of the LCF shipboard department's
sailing season. As of today, all of the boats are down-
rigged and half have frames erected for winter coverings.
Its all very sad, very cold, and very hard work. I spent
today at the top of Sigsbee's mast taking down blocks and
lines--I'd imagine that's the last time i'll ever be up
there. Weird. The sails are stowed, the spars are stored,
and we have 3 days left of employment.

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Ben said...

Today I was sitting at work, tweaking a spreadsheet of content consultant, when some thing struck me. I was listening to a Vampire weekend song (I think it was 'Walcott') where one of the verses involves him namechecking a lot of ports in New England. I realised that I recognised most of those names from your accounts of your voyages. I looked around my office, thought of the pretty boats and the rolling sea, and realised that I'm really jealous of your job.

Being a grown up with a proper job isn't all roses and loveliness, as many songwriters have observed.

Anyway. I'm pissed off my face, so I really shouldn't be writing anything anywhere. Bad Ben.