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I sat down and compiled a list recently of all the places I've called home in the past 24 years, and came up, to my astonishment, with 10. I've lived in all but 3 since I started this blog, nearly four and a half years ago, and in that time have gotten so used to moving that all I need is my copy of Ender's Game on the shelf to feel settled. (not my signed one--this is my travel copy. Ender's first few pages in Salamander Army are a little loose but still good.) Anyway, this list attempts to describe the houses and structures I've resided in within a certain set of real estate ad-esque criteria, plus a few market-irrelevant details.

We begin. . . in 1984!

1984-1990 Pineville, NC. (single family home)

3BR, 2.5BA 2 story w/ blue aluminum siding on .1 acre cleared lot. 1981 build. Informal LR, DR, Den. Full kitchen with sm. breakfast area, ground floor rear porch. Laundry, 1-car garage. Tot. occupants: 4. (a number my older sister resents to this day.)

1990-2002. Fort Mill, SC (single-family home)

4BR, 3.5BA 3 story brick on .2 acre wooded lot. 1989 Build. BR 10'x10'. Formal LR, DR, informal Den. Full kitchen w/ breakfast area. Laundry, 2-car garage. 2BRs and Den recently converted to offices. Tot. occupants: 4+1 cat. Smells Like: Home.

2002-2004. Columbia, SC (Preston College, University of South Carolina)

120 double-occupancy 100-150 sq. ft BR, 90+ensuite BA, 3-story concrete+stucco Colonial-style dormitory with front and rear porches on landscaped lot. 1936 build. Formal lobby w/ piano, large aquarium, historic sofa from Zelda Fitzgerald's estate. 100-150 sq. ft BRs. 03-04 partial kitchen (no stove) and small LR. Communal laundry on main floor, staff-only parking. Tot. occupants: 240 men and women+1 dog. Smells like: freshmen, marijuana, scented candles.

2004-2005. Canterbury, Kent, UK (Homestall, Parkwood, University of Kent)

5BR, 1.5BA 2-story brick facade townhouse (13 of 19 in a rough U, central courtyard with bicycle storage and limited parking.) 1990's build. Full kitchen and small table, no other communal spaces. 100 sq. ft BRs (avg) Laundry, bodega, communal space .2 mi away. Tot. Registered occupants: 5. Tot Regular occupants: 7. Smells like: cooked macaroni, melting pot handles.

2005-2006. Columbia, SC (South Quadrangle, University of South Carolina)

4BR, 2BA apartment on first of 4 story yellow concrete/stucco 100-apartment complex. 2000 build. 49 sq. ft BR. Full kitchen in small LR with square breakfast table. Poorly lit: little sunlight, small windows, no overhead lighting in communal area. Some parking available across street at PE center, laundry down hall, convenient garbage chute. Formal, minimal landscaping. Tot. occupants of apartment: 4 women. Tot. occupants of building: 400 men and women. Hall part of Global Community, most hall mates were foreign. Smell: beer, cigarettes.

2006-Summer A. Noyac, NY. (near Sag Harbor, NY)

2 story gray wood slat house with Mother-In-Law suite downstairs. 1980's build. 4 BR, 2 full BA, 2 full Kitchens, 1 formal Living/Dining room (US) one informal LR (DS). Laundry, driveway and on-street parking, wraparound US deck. Outdoor shower. .2 acre cleared lot. Tot. Occupants: 12 men and women. Smell: feet, sleep.

2006-Summer B. East Hampton, NY.

1-story ranch-style natural shingle house with unfinished basement. Unknown build, converted from duplex to single-family home. 3 BR, 1 BA, full kitchen, large living/dining area. BR:8'x8'. Partial laundry in basement, mud track driveway with ample in-grass parking. 1-car garage (locked and full of lawn furniture), wild wineberry shrubs on .3 acre wooded lot. Tot. occupants: 6 men and women. Smell: fuel oil, mildew.

2006-2007. Berkeley, CA. (Regent Hizzle)

2-story natural shingle house with finished basement (private apartment inhabited by owners), townhouse duplex to rear. 1905 build. 6BR, 2.5 BA, full kitchen with breakfast nook, LR, DR. Purple heart inlay in full hardwood floors. 9'x9' BR. Driveway, timed onstreet parking. Heavily landscaped .2 acre yard w/ fruit trees, tropical flowers, etc. Tot. registered occupants: 6 women. Tot. typical occupants: 7 women+1 man. Smell: women, marijuana, curry.

2007. Central City, CO. (Parish House)

2-story yellow wooden slat house with earth cellar. 1875 build. 6 BR, 3 BA, full kitchen, Formal DR, LR, mud room, semi-detached secret room. 6'x6' BR. No parking, laundry .2 mi away. Un-landscaped small grassy plot. Smell: Women.

2008. Baltimore, MD. (USCGC TANEY)

300' white steel Coast Guard Cutter (retired). 1937 build. 9 BR (4 offices), 3 toilets, 2 showers aft; 80 berths, 3 showers, 7 toilets forward. 5'x6' BR. Partial kitchen with mounted tables, benches. Add'l 5 BRs, Full Industrial Kitchen, Clinic, workshop, bridge, map room, navigation center, engine rooms, boiler rooms, barber shop, gift shop (not for personal use). Typical occupancy (weeknights): 1 permanent resident, 5 seasonal. Typical occupancy (weekends): 1 permanent, 5 seasonal, 80 boy scouts, 15 chaperones, 4 employees. Smell: cosmolene.

2009. Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY

4-story Brownstone townhouse subdivided into 3 apartments (landlord's family occupying bottom two floors.) Front door on second floor. Early 1900's build. Walk-up apartment includes 1.5 BR, 1 BA, full Kitchen, LR. 6.5'x15' BR. All hardwood. Laundry, bodega 1/2 block away, onstreet parking typically available. Small subdivided back garden (not accessible except in emergency.) 2 disused fireplaces. 6min walk from A-C. Tot. occupants: 2 women. Smell: good cooking from downstairs.

2009. Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

4-story purpose-built double-fronted apartment building. 8 homes (2 per floor) plus above-ground basement. Front door on second floor. Mid-1900's build. Walk-up second floor apartment includes 2 BR, 1BA, large tiled kitchen w/ breakfast table, microwave, stove, Cuisinart mixer; hallway/LR. 10'x12' BR with window AC unit. All hardwood. Laundry, bodega, decent Chinese take-away 1 block away, Food Bazaar 6-7 min walk away. 10min walk from L,M. Onstreet parking generally unavailable. Fenced, poured-concrete pad behind (not accessible except in emergency.) Tot. occupants: 1 woman, 1 man, 1 "non-girlfriend who sleeps over a lot," 1 stinky cat. Smell: Cat poop.

2010. Lewisham, London, UK

2.5 story private home on tree-lined block. Late 18/early 1900's build. Brick. 2 BR, 1BA, tiled kitchen w/ new hardwood counter-tops. Fully furnished, bare floorboards originally carpeted over. 12'x14' master BR, 7'x11' guest BR (with built-in desk and shelving.) Converted attic study w/ 2 skylights, 1 wall entirely built-in shelving. Washer & dryer. Co-Op, pharmacy 5 min. walk away. Onstreet parking scarce. 50'x14' garden, concrete & topsoil. 1 side walled, the other hedged. Tot. Occupants: 1 woman, 1 man. Smell: Usually smells of nothing, but if we've been away for a while, or have visited Ben's family home, it smells like other people.


While not mentioned above, as time progresses, availability of carpeting decreases

If I've had a stove, I've not had a microwave. And vice-versa.

I'll keep this list updated as life continues to move me.

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Kim said...

Regent Hizzle smelled like women, marijuana and curry? I thought it smelled like dust!

And hey, we had a stove and a microwave!

Really interesting documentation. You should make a chart.