Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Plants (Yay!)

Today's update:

Discovered lovely rose-like flowers on assumed-dead plant. Very pretty, very surprising. No idea what it is, seems too small to be a rose.

Flower buds now visible on all potato and tomato plants.

Sole survivor of 3 courgettes is growing and looks happy. Have been keeping greenfly off and removing diseased-looking leaves. Next year I'll just grow them inside.

7 survivors of 15 sowed aubergines looking pretty battered, but a few have new growth. All very small. My neighbour Malcolm suggested that the soil may be too acidic for them, which would inhibit growth and reduce snail resistance. I'll leave them inside next year too.

All tomato plants sown are growing and happy. Most are 1m or taller and filling out nicely. (patio chair included for height comparison)

The hosta is happy and has no bites taken out of it, I believe thanks to a copper strip around the base of its pot. Neat innovation.

I pruned my forsythias, holly, and border shrubs. They look more tame, and we now have more space in the garden. I didn't have the nerve to cut the forsythia back to the ground, but it looks nice, I think (and a bit sacred).

I staked up my spinach plants to keep them out of the potatoes. Naughty spinach.

Herbs are lush and bountiful, and I appear to have everlasting pansies. Is it normal for them to keep blooming this long? They've been up to it since January. I still like them, but I can't help but wonder if they're confused.

And some inedible flowers, in my kitchen window-box. I grew them from seed too!


Kim said...

I am so impressed by your gardening! Perhaps the mini roses are English Tea Roses?

Kristen said...

My mom says Tea Roses are full-sized, but these are a miniature rose. Cute, though!

(I added some more pictures!)

Kim said...

Oh! Those are cute and little! They almost just look like little buds. We have something growing at work that I have been told are tea roses - they look like mini roses to me ;-)

Either way, I bet they smell lovely! And they're so pretty!

mkgilmore said...

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