Tuesday, August 07, 2007

piave vecchio

Everyone has their own quirky relationship with food. i was considering my own at the grocery store today and i decided that food makes me happy. but more than that, the very prospect of food makes me happy. i enjoy driving home with a trunkful of edible items, knowing that they are mine and i can eat them whenever i want. and that's not to say i then go home and gork out on everything i bought and lie around the rest of the day in a food coma--i put everything away, taste the dairy products to make sure they're good, and then typically walk away, safe in the knowledge that i will not starve for another week. i like Looking at the food. i'll spend any number of minutes looking at the grocery store displays of imported cheeses and gourmet olives...and buy neither. i'll compare the labels on two different types of pasta sauce and put both back. i could wander the aisles for days, without even bringing my wallet, and just appreciate what i see.

well, i could if i had access to a Trader Joe's or a store with an appreciable organic section. most of the time i spend reading labels its out of sheer curiosity--what kinds of chemistry went into this? how many ingredients can i pronounce? how much effort went into making this look, taste, and smell like tomatoes without actually using any tomatoes? what's the point?

i don't take comfort in eating, but for some reason, i really like groceries.


Kim said...

the reason you like groceries is that groceries are awesome. duh.

Veronica Tomorrow said...

Weird. I bought 3 books today. One called 'a diet for a new america' about food origins and politics. Another called 'what to eat' about food content, and how to know what you really need and how to get that. another i had to buy because i dumped coffee on it... but it think it will be a good one too. Its a sort of lifestyle manual that includes a bit about feeding yourself. Dr Weil he's an interesting man and he has alot of thoughts on breathing that I think are very rare and accurate.