Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'm back in South Carolina and damn, i forgot what 100°F, 100% humidity felt like. and what it looks like when bugs kamikaze-dive into your windshield. and how Loud nature is. did you know bugs make noise in their spare time? I'd gotten so used to the high-altitude cool dryness and quietude i completely forgot that the south is absolutely not at all anything like that.
I got out of the car and my eyes immediately started watering and my sinuses stopped up like they were desperately trying to close the blast doors against invasion. There's all this...flora here.

On an interesting note, all of the sealed bottles in my luggage crunched and squished on the drive down from 9,000 feet to sea level. the altitude change did a similar number on my ears. I wonder, if you dropped a lightbulb out of an airplane at cruising height, how long would it fall before it popped?


. . . geeky painter . . . said...

Nope. Don't miss that humidity, feeling like you're inside of a dog's mouth.

At least you don't have to wear that bizarre shirt anymore. Or did you swipe one, just for fun?

Kim said...

I learned about this heat and humidity when I was in Israel.

I could never live in it. I don't know how you people have lasted so long.

colormecynical said...

i'm pretty sure its on account of our bullheaded stupidity. A race of aspiring, idealistic, intelligent beings would never stick around long enough to adapt to this. This evolutionary backwater is more inclined to generate swamp things than PhDs.

Ben said...

well from my studies of various heaps of american literature it would seem that before air conditioning southerners managed to survive by doing everything slowly, up to and including talking and thinking, to prevent undue sweating

colormecynical said...

but now we have a/c--what's the excuse for the continuation of this behavior?

i guess it hasn't been around long enough for the generations to prove a change one way or another.