Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why is the World in Love Again?

Tonight I'm going to go see They Might Be Giants perform Flood with Oppenheimer at Le Poisson Rouge in the Village. I'm rather excited, as I've been a rather emphatic TMBG fan ever since I was 8, but this shall be the first of their concerts I've viewed. Flood was the first of their albums that I bought (just like everyone, I'm sure), and if it weren't for such pieces as Dr. Worm and The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas it could have been the only. (that and the dial-a-drum-solo segment of She's Actual Size on the Dial-a-Song album. Pure Genius.)

My cousin, who earned his Ph. D in Chemistry from Berkeley a few years ago, introduced me to TMBG at a point in my life in which I was very easily influenced. A little while later this cousin got me into gin-tonics and Douglas Adams. (It is important to mention, however, that it was my sister who first let me borrow Ender's Game.) My similarities to said cousin suggest that my life could have panned out quite differently had I not been met with an utter dearth of decent math and science teachers in middle school. Alas, now I'm one of the millions of educated, unemployable liberal arts grads in New York City left wondering why we bothered with college at all.

Anyway, TMBG tonight. I intend to rock out with my prosthetic forehead on my real head.

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