Wednesday, October 17, 2007

confuse yourself!

Right Brain vs. Left Brain

After a while i could switch her direction on command by simply looking at opposite sides of the page, but this doesn't work for everyone. Don't try too hard though--at present i can't spell or type 'cos my brain is dizzy.

I think this explains why i get lost so easily.


Ben said...

well, once I stopped staring at silhouetted breasts I noticed that she was spinning clockwise. And no amount of squinting, looking in various different directions or any other silly buggers made any difference to her direction.

are you pulling my leg or something? is this a hoax?

Ben said...

whoa now, I managed to get it to change direction, it went anticlockwise for a while. My brain feels mushy. I'm still suspicious though, living with a psychology student makes you suspicious of everything like this - it's probably actually a test to see how likely I am to rape sheep.

colormecynical said...

the reason it works is that its not drawn in perspective, i.e. the extended foot is no bigger no matter where it is. so the "Front" could just as easily be the "Back" depending on your point of view. yeah, i went all mushy too and forgot how to make tea after a while.