Wednesday, October 17, 2007

food mumblings

I think the only way you could truly be a chocoholic is if you were addicted to creme de cacao.


The difference between "made of" and "made with" is very subtle, and marketers use that to their advantage.


I stopped consuming corn syrup a long time ago. At first i thought it was for my health. After a while, though, i realized it was because i'm a food snob.


I like going to Starbucks and ordering a small black coffee. On some level I think this is an act of quiet rebellion.


There are many plants that, if i didn't see them in the grocery store, i would never imagine they were edible. Like bell peppers. I can only assume ancient man chomped into one of those on a dare. Why he kept eating after the first bite is anyone's guess. Honestly I think i'm wired to be more inclined to eat flowers than most vegetables. Like potatoes. When has the phrase "hey look at this brown lumpy thing I just dug up!" ever made you salivate?

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Kim said...

Bell peppers are delicious. They're delicious.